Online business management to help you regain control

Leave it with me and it magically gets done!


For years, you’ve kept your business ticking along, wearing all of the hats.

It’s your baby, and you raised it the way you wanted. But it’s grown, and you’re now thinking, ‘Holy heck, what’s next?’.

You need more time to focus on creating new offers

You’d love someone to be by your side, taking care of the day-to-day while you plan out and write your next book

You need someone to plan your projects, delegate tasks and ensure your team is on top of their game and your clients are happy!

While you’re running your next webinar or challenge, you’d love to be able to relax knowing that someone is taking care of all the bits and pieces behind the scenes, making sure the right emails are going out at the right time, your branding and messaging for your socials are on point and your paid ads are ticking over and bringing you in new leads (and someone that knows how to track and make sense of the numbers so you can figure out what’s working and what is not for your next launch plan)

You know you need systems and processes – things need to be tightened before you can take on more responsibility in the form of more clients, but how, when, and where will you find the time?

While you have a powerhouse team behind you, you always put out fires and can’t pinpoint where things are falling over.

You want to open up more space for your clients and put mental energy into building new opportunities, but you don’t see how this can be possible…

You’re frustrated, your time and energy are zapped working IN your business, and nothing is left in the tank for you to work ON your business.

You need someone to take control of “all of the things.”

You’d love someone to manage and lead your team to your strategic goals and update your project management tool (or eeek.. If you don’t have one, I am an Asana Pro who can sort that out for you)…

Does any of the above resonate with you? In that case, I’d love to connect on a call and chat over tea (or perhaps coffee for you) about how I can help free you up and bring order to the chaos so you can focus on income-generating and things that only you, as the CEO, can do.

Are you ready to work with an online business manager?

The million-dollar question! You may be thinking, am I really big enough for this?

Is it worth it? Should I just keep doing it myself? I know that feeling.

But take a moment to think about how you’re travelling. Are you merely ‘doing business’ or madly in love with your business? If you’re at that point of business routine without doing much else, you need an OBM to inject some love.

Imagine getting back to focusing purely on the biz bits you love – your clients and business growth.

When you let go and partner with an OBM, your business runs better without you holding things up! General admin gets done, your tech issues are sorted, your website is updated, and your socials are being social!

You’ll find you generate more business with less input as your partner in business crime is working as another you and loving your business.

Sound good?

Let’s get this done together!

More than just getting all the businessy stuff done, I’m here to be your sounding board and biggest business cheerleader. I’ll champion your brand and help you smash those business goals out of the park.

Ready to start outsourcing all your business bits?

It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done!